How To Measure Your Horsehair


How To Measure Your Horsehair

By following these steps, you'll successfully measure and prepare your horse's hair for custom jewelry, ensuring a beautiful and personalized final product.

1. **Select the Longest Piece:**

   - Begin by identifying the longest piece of hair at the bottom of your horse's tail.

   - Choose a small section, approximately the diameter of a pencil.

2. **Pull and Cut:**

   - Gently bring the selected hair out to the side, ensuring it is straight with no slack.

   - Pull it tight and cut the hair close to the tail bone.

3. **Choose Another Long Piece:**

   - Identify another long piece of hair from a different area of the tail.

4. **Repeat the Process:**

   - Repeat the process of pulling it tight and cutting close to the tail bone.

   - Continue this method until you have gathered a sufficient amount of horsehair. This ensures that no noticeable sections are missing.

5. **Ventilation and Packaging:**

   - Place the gathered strands of horsehair in a large plastic bag. Cut holes in the bag to allow proper ventilation during transport.

   - Note: Horse hair may carry fungal spores, which can be harmful if inhaled.

6. **Prepare for Shipping:**

   - Place the bag with horsehair strands in a sturdy box for shipping.

   - Include your name, address, phone number, and any other important information required to complete your custom order.

7. **Shipping Information:**

   - Ship the package to the following address:

      Elegant Elements By Kelly

      Attn: Kelly McMahon-Anderson

      1212 Sunnyfield Lane

      Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

8. **Include Necessary Information:**

   - Double-check that all necessary information, such as your name, address, and phone number, is included in the package to ensure a smooth processing of your order.

9. **Finalize and Ship:**

   - Seal the package securely and ship it to the provided address.

   - Consider using a reliable shipping method with tracking to ensure the safe arrival of your horsehair.


By following these steps, you will provide the necessary materials for Elegant Elements By Kelly to create your custom horsehair jewelry.