1. Can I order by phone?
    My number is (973) 370-0133. I can also send you a link by email that you can pay with a credit card if you prefer

  2. How long will my jewelry last?
    For a lifetime with proper care. Just like people, horse's have different hair types—some are course, fine or thick. With proper care, your jewelry will last a lifetime, no matter what kind of hair it is.

  3. What methods of payment do you accept? 
    VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Venmo, Money Orders & Personal Checks*
    *Checks must be cleared before the project will begin

  4. Do I have to wash my horse hair?
    I do not recommend washing your horses hair before sending it to me.

  5. How do I ship my horse hair to you?
    Secure the thickest part of the hair with a rubber band. Package hair in a paper or plastic bag - if using plastic, cut holes or slits in the sides so air is allowed to circulate. Label the hair package with your information and contact number/email. Ship in a sturdy package, such as a box or padded envelope.

    Ship to: 
    Elegant Elements by Kelly
    Attn: Kelly McMahon_Anderson 
    1212 Sunnyfield Lane 
    Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

  6. Will you return the unused hair?
    Absolutely! I know how important our horses are to us, and I will return any hair not used in the creation of your order. If you prefer to let me keep it for other orders, you may choose that option when completing your order, or send me a note.

  7. When will I receive my order?
    I do my best to stay within the stated time frame. During high order times, such as Oct-Dec for the holidays, a special deadline and turn around time will be discussed before-hand. All orders received are completed in the order they are received, not when your order is placed. Exception are orders using my stock of hair. I'm a one woman show and I give each piece I create my focus and attention to get every derail perfect! Therefore, sometimes I may need a little extra time.

  8. My jewelry is too small/too large, can you help? 
    If your item is too small, I can usually add more links to the clasp that will give you an extra .25 - .5 inch. If your item is too large, a new piece would have to be created for you.

  9. My clasp is broken, can you replace?
    I sure can! It's a small fee, just send me an email.

  10. Can I wear my jewelry in the shower or swimming? 
    No, I don't advise it. Although the epoxy I use is waterproof, the chemicals in soaps, shampoos and swimming pools can still cause the epoxy to breakdown.

  11. How do I send photos to you for personalized items?
    By email is preferred; however, if you only have a printed photo, send it along with your horse hair and I will scan it in, edit and resize for your order. You will receive it back of course! Our email: info@elegantelementsbykelly.com

  12. What if my horse hair is too short or there's not enough? 
    If you are unsure if you have enough length of hair or amount of hair for the item you are dreaming of, send me an email with a photo of the hair beside a ruler/ measuring tape and I can confirm for you. You are also more than welcome to send your horse hair in advance with your name and number and I will contact you once it has arrived and let you know for sure if there is enough. Please send with registered mail. We are not responsible for lost mail. 

  13. I Iove my jewelry! But the hair doesn't look the same now, why? 
    The reason your jewelry may look different than what you see when you look at your horse is due to a few things. I use a whitening horse shampoo when I wash that helps remove the build up of dirt and "other" things that get into a horses tail. If we use a rein glue it tends to change the color of the hair. It could appear darker or lighter depending on the color of the hair. 

  14. My jewelry needs repair, can you help? 
    If you need a repair, please send me an email with a photo and description of the problem. I can usually tell you from the photo if it's something I can repair for you. The cost of repairs depends upon each situation.

  15. Do you do custom orders?
    Yes, I LOVE custom work! To get started on your own custom design, send me an email with your ideas and let's create something special together! Once approved we do request 50% deposit non-refundable. 

  16. Do you provide the horse hair?
    Yes! If you do not have your own, please let me know what color horse hair you would like me to use.

  17. Can I use my own horse hair?
    Of course! The majority of orders are using your own horse's hair to create a special wearable memory.