How To Measure Your Horsehair


How To Measure Your Horsehair

  • First, take the longest piece of hair at the bottom of your horses tail; just a small piece, about the diameter of a pencil.

  • Then, bring it out to the side; pulling it tight so it is straight with no slack and cut the hair close to the tail bone. 

  • Next, choose another long piece from a different area.

  • Repeat this method and you will never notice any sections are missing.

  • Now, place these strands of hair in a large plastic bag with cut holes in it. This will insure proper ventilation during transport. Horse hair is known to carry fungal spores which maybe harmful if inhaled.

  • Lastly, place your prepared hair sample in a box and ship it to me. Make sure your name, address, phone number and any other important information to complete your order is contained within your package.

Please send to:
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