Elegant Elements By Kelly Kelly and Craig Anderson

Kelly and Craig Anderson, owners of Elegant Elements By Kelly were

on hand to talk to shoppers about their one-of-a-kind Equestrian Horse Hair

Jewelry. I got to talk with Kelly and find out what inspires her to create such

wonderful keep sack jewelry.

Over the years, Kelly has rescued over 500 horses from bad situations,

and placed them into very loving homes. However, there was one horse,

Trooper, who inspired her to create her jewelry business.

“Trooper was so abused, that the (rescuers) only gave him 42 hours to

live,” Kelly Anderson said. “Thankfully he lived to teach me so many

life lessons.”

Kelly said Trooper was her heart horse, and after he passed away she

was devastated. But, instead of just having a broken heart, she took her

sorrows and made them into a one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry to help

others who had similar experiences.

Another great cause that Kelly and Craig are passionate about supporting

is our veterans. HERO Company, an organization that helps pair a support

dog with a veteran who is suffering from PTSD. A portion of all the sales

from the Paracord Bracelets goes to this great organization and all that

they do for our brave men and women.

“We believe in giving back to our heroes,” Kelly Anderson said. “Without

them we wouldn’t be free. Our veterans need to be recognized, and we

need to give back.”

You can visit there website to learn more about what they do.

www.Elegant ElementsByKelly.com