My story began with an equine named Trooper a.k.a Gift From God.

My story began with an equine named Trooper a.k.a Gift From God. He had a hard life he was let down many of times. His first owner got divorced and her husband made arrangements to have her horse sent to a rescue. Trooper had two options one was to move on and never trust a human again or 2 where he would be very intuitive and sensitive and use his horse language to scope out his situations. Trooper was adopted 5 times from the rescue he was sent to. Everyone loved his personality and his beauty. He was big and strong with golden flowing locks for his mane and tail. His body was a beautiful rich mahogany red. Personally I think most people adopted him for his looks and not for who he was.

When I met Trooper we had to go pick him up from a farm where he was being neglected again. My job was to help him feel comfortable for the ride home to the rescue. What I saw made me very upset. I couldn't believe someone could be that cruel to not treat their horse for ulcers and colic for over two weeks! Shame on them. On top of it he was 300 lbs under weight. He was in very bad shape. The vet gave him 48 hours to live. I was heartbroken for Trooper. I still couldn't wrap my head around how a human could be that cruel ! I knew I had to do something. I spoke to the owner of the rescue and she said she wanted me to be his caregiver. Me!? I was still learning about horses. She said I know you would be a great match; just think about it. The next day I told her I would be happy to be Trooper's caregiver. At first it was a piece of cake. You go into his stall scratch him on his head talk to him kiss him and give him a treat for being a good boy. Then one day the true Trooper showed up.

O my word! Can you say spit fire or joker. That's what I was dealing with a fireball personality. He loved to play and challenge people. I knew I needed help with him and fast if I wasn't going to get hurt. One of the other volunteers helped me with him. He challenged me every step from slamming me into all of the poles in the area and getting down with bloody knees to rearing and then bolting on me. Scary lessons indeed.

But over time we both got to know each others personality. I often wonder why he picked me. And often said “who rescue who?”As much as he challenge me I really did love him. I know it sounds crazy! I knew I had a fireball who was either going to kill me or love me. A lot of people asked me why are you doing this?

Because that day I met Trooper I knew there was a horse that just wanted to be loved for himself and no one gave him the chance, they just returned him or neglected him.

After much time of thought I made the decision to adopt him. We got so close he would always be at the fence before I even showed up. I never had to catch him in the field. The bond I had with Trooper was priceless and he and I knew that. I could do anything to him and I knew he would trust me as much as I trusted him.

Trooper and I did a lot of clinic to help people to understand their partner. (their horse) Everytime we did a clinic there wasn't a dry eye in the house because everyone saw the trust and bond we both had. Everyone wanted that relationship we had.

I was there to educate people that rescue horses are not left over unwanted animals they have souls like every other pedigree horse you purchase if not larger. My opinion. I had people in every discipline from dressage to hunter jumper to barrel racing western & english riders. Whoever took the clinic always ended up very emotional at the end of the clinic. They saw what Trooper and I had and how we built on our relationship. They saw the vision that they could have over time with their partner.

I always felt so proud of Trooper and myself to teaching other horses owners to be kind and respectful to their horse partner. You don't need harsh vices or harsh comments to be understood. You do need clear horse language, love and leadership for your horse to understand what you want them to do.



RIP my beloved Trooper I will forever be grateful for all the lessons you have taught me. As I promise to you I will keep your spirit alive by passing on to other the love and  bond we shared.

To also give the other horse owners who are reading this and healing from their loss and little comforted by making them a beautiful keep sake horsehair piece of jewelry with their beloved horses hair.

I know exactly how you feel because I was their myself.

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